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Piano Lessons in Toronto, ON

Areas of Expertise

I teach to play by ear anything you want!

After first lesson children play piano!

Start as early as 3 years of age!

I prepare students for RCM examination in Piano, Rudiments and Voice:

  • Piano - all grades
  • Online piano lessons
  • Rudiments - beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Voice-beginner, intermediate

I belong to the category of N.E.P.D.- Never Ending Professional Development. Recently I incorporated in my lessons with little ones another pedagogical method "Music for Little Mozarts". It includes Singing, Listening, Movement and Rhythm Activities, Visual Representation (music reading). 

"A child progresses from SKILL to SKILL, not from piece to piece"

- Dr. Suzuki

Young Pianists

Teaching and training of the young pianists based on Holistic Nikolaev's Russian School of Piano Playing:

  • Correct posture and key-attack, theory and musical notation
  • Mastering the whole-arm action principle in playing piano
  • Ability to listen to both tune (pitch) and tone (quality of sound)
Music For You and For Me Piano Voice Lessons Early Childhood Suzuki Toronto ON

Every Child Can!

Dr Suzuki's Pedagogical Method in Piano Playing - ”Every Child Can!”

  • Starting musical education and playing instrument from the age of 4-5.
  • Suzuki Triangle: Teacher, Student, Parent.
  • The Mother Tongue Method: Environment and Listening-from age ZERO.
  • Balance of each finger,correct relationship of body to instrument.
  • Children learn from children: INDIVIDUAL LESSONS in GROUP setting and group lessons
  • Use of whole body at all times in piano playing, small steps by steps mastery
  • Listening to the CD's common repertoire and learning melody by ear
Music For You and For Me Piano Voice Lessons Early Childhood Suzuki Toronto ON


Private Piano Lessons:

  • 30 min. - $30
  • 45 min. - $40
  • 60 min. - $55

Semi-Private Lessons (2 students in a room - 60 min) - $35 for each student

Group Piano/Theory Classes (45 to 60 min) - $20

  • FREE of charge for private piano/voice students!

Classical Pianist

Accompanist, concertmaster, party pianist.

Music For You and For Me Piano Lessons Classical Pianist Private Parties Performers Toronto ON
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