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Voice Lessons in Toronto, ON


Physiology, Breathing and Posture for Singers, Vocal warm-ups

  • Proper Singing Posture
  • Breathing for singing. Warm ups.
  • Taking care of a unique and precious instrument- VOICE
  • Tonic Sol-Fa as a singing method that uses words and Hand Signs for every note in a scale (Zoltan Kodaly Method)
  • Sight singing using Sol-Fa music games. Singing in Canon, in two-three-parts simple melodies.

Singing in early childhood

Children can sing accurately at an early age. Some research supports the fact that a child's range of tones increases progressively from ages TWO through FIVE.

The most common range for group singing of young children involves the pitches D to A, just above middle C on the piano. This small range naturally limits the number of tunes that can be sung completely by the children.

In our classroom children sing the songs that are comfortable for them, at the same time they listen to music that is beyond the natural singing range. They listen several times to teacher's singing or the CD and begin to imitate.

Understanding of musical symbols is also addressed with simple VISUAL representations that lead to traditional musical notation. Musical concepts and vocabulary are incorporated into each lesson.

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