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Solfeggio And Theory Lessons in Toronto, ON

New in School!

"Solfeggio" and Theory Group Classes

Is a must-know part of musical education not only for students who are doing RCM examination. Every musician (Vocalist, Pianist) must have an education about building blocks of pieces they are working on. It makes it easier to read and memorize musical pieces, to understand the composer, may be even to compose in a future!


  • Note duration, Music Staff, the musical Alphabet
  • Clapping and counting the rhythms.
  • Memorizing the song and performing confidently for other students and teacher
  • Theory exercises : identifying Skips, Steps, Rhythm duration Syllables, Accidentals, Major and Minor
  • Singing music without any assistance from the piano or another singer. Sight Singing is very important skill for every Vocalist and Pianist!
  • Learning the Piano Keyboard: Notes, Intervals, Scales
  • Ear training: Singing and Identifying Intervals, Triads, Arpeggio.

Cost $80 for 4 lessons (60-95 min)

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